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Liten Hus

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As a companion to our Scandinavian Boathouse and Moonlight Cottage projects, this boathouse was originally built in 1915 for the original cabin that once occupied the property by a family of Swedish heritage. Intending to keep it as natural as an up-north scout camp, we renovated it with a pair of bright yellow awning windows and a door made from reclaimed white oak boards with nails matching the 1915 nailed date on the siding. A rickety stacked concrete block foundation was replaced with fieldstones taken directly from the shore, set in a battered shape. A small cedar sitting platform was added below a canopy of large shade trees next to the water’s edge, providing much-needed protection from the harsh sun facing west.

  • Interior Design: Owner
  • Landscape Architect: Owner
  • Photography: Spacecrafting