View of the main home above the hut

River Hut

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Nestled into a hill amongst a forested estate along the Minnesota River valley lies this secluded hut. Our repeat client, an avid outdoorsmen and adventurist, asked that we design a space for him to enjoy some of his hobbies. The structure would also serve as a space to park his UTV and snowmobiles. The twin, open-swing carriage door entry is tucked discreetly into the hill below the owner’s home above. The hut is met by a gravel approach ascending from the river, which is located next to the owner’s private ski hill with tow rope. The workroom has interior walls of refined knotty timber boards giving the hut a rustic yet sophisticated feel. A wall-to-wall waxed wood workbench was designed to hold tools and power equipment.

  • Contractor: John Kraemer & Sons
  • Landscape Architect: Topo LLC
  • Photography: Alyssa Lee