Custom diamond patterned garage doors sit below a roofline with a custom illuminated glass cupola

Sports Hut

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The owners of this outbuilding were looking to add a space near their main home where they could consolidate all their sports related items into one building. A home gym that could be used by multiple people at once was a must, as was a space to organize all their outdoor equipment right next to their adventuremobile. As the plan evolved, it became apparent that having a hang out lounge to plan trips with family and friends, watch videos, and listen to music would be even better. We arranged the garage / equipment room adjacent to the lounge, separated by french doors that allow both rooms to interact with each other. The gym is connected to the lounge area via a shared entry hall and bath, allowing sound separation between the gym and lounge. A second level is accessed via a storage lift that can raise items weighing up to 800 pounds.

  • Contractor: Campbell Construction
  • Interior Design: Owner
  • Photography: Scott Amundson Photography